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Rose Quartz Face Roller & Gua Sha

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Rose Quartz Set

Rose Quartz - the crystal that "boosts feelings of self-love and fosters loving relationships with others."


Beauty Tip! Put Face Roller & Gua Sha in Fridge, for cold spa like feeling!
Icing constricts the blood vessels is your face, which can lessen the appearance of pores and wrinkles and can make skin brighter and more radiant overall.

How to use

Treatment process: First! Prep the skin! 

1) Cleanse Face

2) Follow up with your favorite serum, moisturizer, eye cream and face oil. 

3) Massage Roller on Face in Upward Motions, And Hold Gua Sha at 45 degree angle with long, slow, strokes against face. 

Benefits of Face Roller & Gua Sha

Improves lymphatic flow and drainage.

Improves blood flow.

Reduces puffiness.

Reduces inflammation.

Cools and soothes skin.

Provides relaxation.

Reduces stress.

Distributes skincare ingredients more evenly.


Packing list (What you will receive!)

Gua Sha tool x1

Rose Quartz Face Roller x1