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Heatless Curling Wand

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Heatless Curling Wand
• save time getting ready
• bouncy curls w/o heat damage
• comfortable to sleep on!!

How to use

1. Put the curling iron on your head like a headband, wrap it around the top & secure it with the provided clip, then wrap dry or slightly wet hair on the other side of the band loop and secure them at the bottom of the headband w/ the provided scrunchie.
2. Be sure to tighten and start near the top of your head.
3. Hair that may be slightly damp during the day stay for an hour or two, or hair that is slightly damp or dry overnight.

Benefits of Curling Wand

No Heat: This can be used without any electricity, no heat required!

you can DIY your hairstyle easily, with no damage to your hair.

Suitable for dry or wet hair. Sleep with comfortable material overnight wake up with hair done!

Give you a beautiful hairstyle every day. Save your time.

PS - Great Gift:
fun & thoughtful gift idea for your family, friends and colleagues.


Packing list (What you will receive!)

Curling Iron x1

Satin Scrunchies x2

Claw Clip x1